UofG Sustainability

About Planning & Administration

In 2016, the University of Guelph undertook a broad, collaborative strategic planning process that led to the creation of a new strategic framework. This strategic framework identified activities under five pillars that would help the University chart its path forward.

A key pillar in this plan challenges the University to steward our valued resources through using resources responsibly; remaining an employer of choice; leveraging our land and facilities to serve our academic and research missions; harnessing our strengths to build broad, interdisciplinary knowledge; and leading in advancing environmental sustainability.

As such, the president of the University has identified strengthening a campus-wide culture of sustainability as a key institutional priority. While sustainability has long been an underpinning value of the U of G, there are opportunities to advance sustainability and connect it throughout the university in all of its programs, activities and operations.

The Portico on Johnson Green.

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