UofG Sustainability

Building Design

Sustainable By Design

In the last five years, 537,022 ft2 of new construction and adaptive reuse of buildings at U of G has been Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified.

This number will continue to grow, improving the life-cycle of our built environments, and benefiting the future of our places and people. Physical Resources is leading the way forward; construction, maintenance, improvements and planning are shaping a campus that puts sustainability first.

Cool Roofs

Imagine a campus classroom at U of G. Inside, students are committed to advancing sustainability. Outside, that commitment manifests itself in the very structure of the building they’re learning, researching and studying in. On every new or renovated building, a ‘cool roof’ is reflecting sunlight back into the atmosphere, helping to reduce the cooling demands of the building in the summer. This measure, mandated by Physical Resources, Building Design Standard, is just one of the ways environmentally sustainable design is integrated all over campus – this is it in action just over head.  

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